Indola Blonde Expert 60ml
Indola Blonde Expert 60ml
Indola Blonde Expert 60ml
Indola Blonde Expert 60ml
Indola Blonde Expert 60ml

Indola Blonde Expert 60ml

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Introducing Indola'sBlonde Expert Highlift and Pastel shade range.

  • Strongest lightening performance ever
  • Complemented by new boosters for unrivalled, clean blonde results
  • Collection of Highlifts and Pastels for on-trend looks tailored to your clients´ individual wishes and hair types
  • Infused with Hair-Bond Technology for maximum hair protection

Blonde Expert Highlifts:

  • Lifts and tones natural bases in one application, available in 3 ranges depending on the lift levels:
  • Special Blonde 1000.
  • Ultra Blonde 100.
  • Ultra Blonde +Blend  
  • With integrated Hair-Bond Technology for significantly reduced hair damage

Blonde Expert Pastels:

  • For toning & neutralisation of natural blonde or bleached hair
  • Integrated Hair-Bond Technology to significantly minimise hair breakage 
  • Neutralises unpleasant yellow or golden tones
  • Tones lightened and lifted bases
  • Suitable also for natural blonde bases
  • Intermixable with Special Blonde shades for endless variation possibilities

For Professional Use Only.
Colours may vary from photos.
Read instructions and warning labels carefully before use and follow.
This product may contain ingredients that cause skin irritation.
Always perform an Allergy Test 48 hours before each colouration. 
If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colourants, you should not colour.

Peroxide sold separately.