LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml
Lisap Milano

LK Cream Color 7-0 Blonde 100ml

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LK® OPC Oil Protection Complex by Lisap Milano

A professional hair colouring cream enriched with Ecocert-certified Argan and Passionflower oils and an anti-aging complex made with Phyto Enhancer and Ceramide A2. Innovative formula stands out for low-ammonia content and pleasant fragrance, ensuring protection and full grey hair coverage.

LK OPC’s new formulation with 70% less ammonia than other colorants, makes it even easier to use, ensuring the best results.

THE 3 EFFECTS of the OPC Technology Oil Protection Complex (OPC) is made with natural, Ecocert-certified ARGAN AND PASSIONFLOWER OILS. Leaves dry or damaged hair brighter, hydrated, softer and nourished. The result is a vibrant, multidimensional colour even after washing the hair repeatedly.

EFFECT 1 BALANCE Contains natural oils that allow the colouring cream to balance hair porosity from roots to ends.

EFFECT 2 ANCHOR The Deep Penetration Technology (DPT) already contained in LK Cream Colour and the larger number of anchoring points in the hair structure, allow the colouring molecules to penetrate deep down, ensuring an intense and vibrant colour.

EFFECT 3 PROTECT OPC (Oil Protection Complex) nourishes the hair from the inside for an even more vibrant and harmonious result from roots to ends.

Colours may vary from photos.
Read instructions and warning labels carefully before use and follow.
This product may contain ingredients that cause skin irritation.
Always perform an Allergy Test 48 hours before each colouration. 
If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colourants, you should not colour.
We cannot advise you on the usage of this product.

Peroxide sold separately.